Round 1: Nick Marshall v Tony Manero


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Who: Nick Marshall

Actor: Mel Gibson

Movie: What Women Want

Douche move(s): Uses his newfound psychic powers to sabotage a coworker, is sexists, and is played by Mel Gibson.

Who: Tony Manero

Actor: John Travolta

Movie: Saturday Night Fever

Douche move(s): Treats all women like garbage, allows a rape to happen in his presence, and nearly rapes his dance partner.

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Gotta go with Nick. As Shana put it the other night: Yes, Tony almost rapes someone and does nothing to stop another rape, but he's a very young man living in an world that taught him no better. Those are the rules he was taught to live by. Nick, however, has a daughter, is in his 40s, and should know better. Yet, he goes out of his way to ruin someone just because she's in his way.

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Nick was raised in a strip-club - I'd argue he knew no better either. The age thing does make sense - he should've cottoned on to what a twat he is before he was 40 - but at worst he is sexist.

That's not to downplay sexism, but allowing rape/attempting rape is worse in my eyes.

I vote Travolta at the bigger douche.

I mean Tony.

...I mean Travolta.

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This was the hardest one for me so far. A budding rapist vs. a misogynist. Tony is young, it's the 70s. He'll be shaped by a woman yet. Nick has a teenage daughter. Look at what he did to her life. At least later in life Tony repents and becomes a scientologist. Oh, wait...

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