Episode 139


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The Doctor meets the latest upgrade of the Cybermen ("Nightmare in Silver"), and then we meet a never-before-seen iteration of The Doctor ("The Name of The Doctor"). Following that, Dan and Mike rank all of the episodes of the seventh modern season, which they differ on rather greatly. [ 1:14:55 || 36.2 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_139.mp3

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I was at first gonna challenge you on naming this the worst modern season, nominating season 2. But thinking back on it, all of the RTD seasons had two or three really stand-out amazing episodes whereas season 7 had none. IMO it's the worst by default in that the episodes weren't necessarily bad or godawful, but not a lot were memorable.

Looking forward to BOTI's series finale! I'm figuring the coverage will include "Night of the Doctor", "Day/Time of the Doctor", summarizing Smith, Clara so far, and the modern series as whole!

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I'm conflicted. While I agree that 7 doesn't reach the heights other seasons have, I don't think it's as bland as it's been said. Cold War,Hide and The Crimson Horror are really good. I think The Power of Three(I do agree that it is very flawed though) The Bells of St John and Rings of Akhaten are fun too. My views could change with a rewatch however, as this season was the first time I started watching week by week.

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