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List some books you have read that you would like to see made into film. When I say film I do not mean a live action theatrical release. It could be a mini-series, web series, animated series, t.v. show or direct to dvd release. They also do not have to be SF, it could be any genre

Rocket Ship Galileo- No real reason other than the fact that I want to see more adventure in the tradition of Iron Sky. Direct to dvd release

At the Back of the North Wind - One of the most underrated Victorian fantasy writers. Anyone who reads the work of George Macdonald can see how he influenced Narnia, Middle Earth, and Madeline L'engles universe. So far the best adaptation is an audio drama by Focus on the Family (Yes that Focus on the Family). So I would like to see how another company would interpret it. I am thinking a mini-series by A&E.

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These might be better served through HBO or Masterpiece, but:

-The Lonesome Dove tetralogy, by Larry McMurtry- All four have been on the small screen and the Lonesome Dove miniseries even had Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones as the two main characters (along with other big names like Danny Glover, Chris Cooper, Steve Buscemi, and Diane Lane), but I'd like to see it done today with a +$100 million budget for each film.

-His Dark Materials- Without blunting the critique of religion, if possible.

...o, wait--did you just mean science-fiction books?

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One book series I would like to see only one movie adaptation would be the Stainless Steel Rat series. All the books I have read seem to be the same. Jimi DiGriz is the greatest criminal in the galaxy. During a heist or a con he finds an example of corruption, his conscience gets the best of him and he becomes a Robin Hood figure being someone who fights for the oppressed.

I would like to see it as a anime, but that may be because they already have him in the form of Lupin the 3rd.

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