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From the creator of Powerpuff Girls, comes Foster's home for Imaginary Friends. I know I think it is the best animated show capable of being watched on my television.

Who else out there watches it.

The voice acting is great. The jokes range greatly from child-slapstick, to pseudo-irony. comedic timing is spot-on, and yes, repetition can be funny.

So far they have done a great job of not rehashing episodes, at least of what I've seen.

Fave Three eps,

Frankie My Dear: Mac, Bloo and others battle for the affection of Frankie. They continually have to go up against the increasingly manly opposition, hilarity ensues.

My So Called Wife: Someone is looking to donate tons of money to a charity. Mistaken to be a couple, Coco and Herriman, must compete for the money on behalf of Foster's. But Bloo and Mac have their own charity to fight for, hilarity ensues.

Mac Daddy: Mac has apparently created another Friend, making Bloo a big brother. It seems that no one is able to cope with the quirks of this new character, hilarity ensues.

All three of these are pretty recent episodes so they are getting alot of airtime on Cartoon Network and WB.

Who watches this show? What do you like? What don't you like? Did you take an elementary spanish class just to understand Eduardo?

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It really is fantastic. The animation style even interests me.

I have seen only a few of the episodes, but they are all fantastic for the many levels their jokes are made on as well as for the overall fun of the series. Most of the humor is accessible to everyone, and it really is just a good time.

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