Episode 39: Santa with Muscles

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Funny enough, this coming Monday, Hulk Hogan will be donning the Santa Claus outfit for an appearance...while I'd wager a joke or two at this movie's expense will be made, I'm sure the less time spent thinking about Santa With Muscles references on a bloated 3 hour Monday Night Raw, the better!

Then again, with the direction the company seems to be headed these days...it just might be the "best" thing on the show!

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Bring Ian on the show to cover The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It will be a Tranquil Tirades / Comic Reel-lief crossover.

1) It's on the wiki as a film the Tirades will never cover.

2) I think all of us like that one.

3) As much as I'd be honoured to appear on the podcast, this is very much a futile question now that the hosts are dead, at the hands of robotic ants.

ALL HAIL ANTS and their glorious new regime!!

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Ian, honey, have you learned nothing from the later, terrible Terminator films? They only keep the humans alive long enough to build machines to make machines and then kill them en masse. Besides, what are the robot ants going to need you for? Robots need alcohol to survive and you'll just drink it all.

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