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I actually would like to hear a colmn about the DS and PSP on which hand held is better at the moment. Whether it be from Yoda when he has the time or someone else whose had time to try out a good amount from both librarys, I just figured it'd be an interesting column now that the PSP isn't so new.

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The reason I've yet to write a PSP v DS article is because I haven't used the wireless feature with either machine, and I feel an article sans that would be incomplete. What I might do (note the word "might") is examine the DS on its one-year anniversary, examining what Nintendo has done right and wrong with their dual-screen system.

As for the Iceman wallpaper... hopefully I'll post one this week, however, there are very few good (RE: usable) images of Iceman floating around the Internet. So this might take longer than I'd like.

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