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Omega Supreme

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I don't think I've ever met a single female Superman fan.  Ever.

Trust me.  I've looked.

I do know at least two with Batman tattoos though.  They also seem to be capable of enjoying things other than wearing pink and talking about boys.  They're weird like that.

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Superman can take Wonder Woman by force, and Batman couldn't do a thing about it.

Woman Woman would leave Batman when he becomes old man Wayne.  There's no way Batman, a mere mortal, could hold on to a metahuman like Wonder Woman.

Dude. I can't.

If we're going there, Wonder Woman would impale Superman on top of the globe on top of the Daily Planet building if he ever tried. 

You're going to have a much better life if you stop thinking of "girls" as these wispy weird unknowable things that like love stories and flowers and horses and shit and simply think about them as human beings. I know many women who love films that I find difficult to watch. Not difficult to watch because it's some dumb romance; they're difficult to watch because they contain such heinous brutality that my stomach occasionally turns.

Beyond that, what you're suggesting is not only so far beyond the characterization of these characters, it's insulting, misogynist and just plain icky. By all means, think it if you want. I don't control what goes on in your head, but I do have some say over what goes on around these forums, and if you start talking about Superman raping Wonder Woman in some weird fantasy you have about somehow needing these characters to get laid, then I'm not only going to call you out, I will push for your banning.

You need not reply to this. But fucking heed it.

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Omega, while I appreciate your love of World's Finest Podcast and the DCAU, you're acting like a troll. Take a week off. If you want to come back after that, do so, but think about your posts before hitting reply.

Also, lock.

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