What are you looking forward to the most?

Mr. Keith

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I know it'll probably be the same game, but I am so pumped for Animal Crossing DS it's not even funny. I absolutely loved the one for the GC and now that they've added an Online mode so I can go over to a friend of mines town and mess around in his town is just awesome. It's also one of the few DS games I've ever really been pumped for, and it'll be out within just a couple more months now! Boo yah!(Don't you dare delay this game, Nintendo)

So what's everyone else looking forward to gaming wise before the year is out?

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Lunar: Love Song and that new Castlevania game for the DS. I've been waiting for an actualy sequel to the Lunar series for a long time now, and I absolutely loved the three GBA castlevania games that were released so this shouldn't be much different.

I love being excited for my DS at long last. :rockon:

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