movies that were scary until they went supernatural


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I noticed that there were a couple of movies that have some good openings and appear to be getting scary. Then the supernatural element comes in and the suspense that once was there is dissolved. Here are the ones that I have seen. 

Jeepers Creepers - Witnessing evidence of murder on a country road (before cell phones) and having to elude the killer would have been a wonderfully suspenseful movie. However all suspense flies out when it turns out to be just a hungry monster and every time its wings come out I find myself chanting Na na na na na na na. 

Devil - The concept of being locked in a place as crowded as an elevator can scare most people let alone someone dangerous. But adding a supernatural being took away the suspense that it could have had. 

As I am writing this I realize that supernatural stories have rules that need to be followed whereas humans are more unpredictable. That is why suspense does not mix with the supernatural. Have you felt the same way about any other movies?

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I think it's more the issue that horror has an inherent problem with endings and that supernatural explanations are a common cop out that's usually pulled off in an unsatisfying manner.

It's why I've always preferred short form horror.  Don't have to explain a damn thing.  You don't know the what when and why and you never will.  And that's terrifying.

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