Episode 22


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A Klingon saboteur's attempt to poison a colony is thwarted by an infestation of rodents ("The Trouble with Tribbles"), and Kirk gambles for the freedom of The Enterprise ("The Gamesters of Triskelion"). One of these is hilariously awesome and deserves its status as a classic episode of Star Trek, while the other demonstrates every Star Trek trope. [ 1:12:52 || 35.4 MB ]

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You would have thought Lorna Dane would have been a lot more familiar with men and seen through Kirk's bs. Granted between Havok, her gay ex-boyfriend iceman, and beimg traumatized by genocide and a sentient green glob name Doop who are we to judge? Considering jer boss obviouls raided Ming the Merciless's closet can we really judge anything? Other than Barbara needed a cameo where she smashed the brains into pieces.

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