The Free Speech Apocalypse


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Documentary about free speech on college campus:

Given this is a hot topic nationwide, this is an interesting topic. The movie certainly has a specific point of view, though. It's not unbiased.

You'll be able to get it on Netflix DVD at some point, and I am not sure about renting it on other platforms. Buying the DVD or buying a digital copy is a little on the expensive side for something most people will watch only one time.

I, of course, own the DVD. Why? Because you can see me in the audience at a few points during the movie. I am a bit of an egomaniac.

Note: I had nothing to do with making the movie, other than being in the audience as they were filming portions of the speech. I had no idea they were making a documentary when I attended the speech. So that's why it's here instead of in "shameless self promotion," as I am not promoting something I personally did.

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"The Free Speech Apocalypse exposes the strategies of the anti-God, anti-traditional, hyper-liberal elite and offers perspective on the cultural decay that has accelerated over the three years since Wilson's visit to Indiana University."

No thank you.

Darren Doane is a guy that once said Liberals want to hypnotize people into the "LGBTQSTD lifestyle". That's not a man whose products I'd support in any lifetime. Apologies bruh.

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