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Next Saturday, Shana and I will celebrate our 5th (!!!) wedding anniversary. Over the past year(-ish) I've been making her a homemade gift based on a game called Name 5, in which you have to name five things based on the question / topic. For instance, name five:

  • Presidents
  • Actors named Chris
  • Colors in the red spectrum
  • Recipes with beans
  • States starting with M
  • Beatles songs

And so on.

I've come up with roughly 900, but I have many more pages to go in the book I'm using and only one week to complete it. Can you -- my lovely, lovely friends -- help me by listing off topics / questions? I'm even open to joke questions, such as, name five fake Nancy Drew stories.

All I will note is: Shana isn't that big into geek culture, and she was checked out of society from 1999 to 2001. So anything related to that period will be lost on her.

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  • Countries whose names begin with vowels
  • School subjects
  • Interstate highway numbers
  • Animals larger than a compact car
  • Newspaper comic strips
  • Board games
  • Beatles songs
  • Types of luggage
  • Trees
  • Leap years
  • U.S. Senators
  • Sports teams without animal nicknames
  • Drugstore chains
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Children's book series
  • Broadway musicals
  • Mountain ranges
  • Stars
  • Sauces
  • Building toys
  • Woodwind instruments
  • Books told from a first-person perspective
  • Black-and-white movies
  • Bones
  • Radioactive elements
  • Prime numbers
  • Breeds of dogs
  • Sitcoms from the 1980s
  • Cable/satellite channels
  • Universal horror monsters
  • Composers
  • Stand-up comedians
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Social media websites
  • Kings of England
  • Federal holidays
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  • Chicago tourist destinations
  • Variations on the name Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Cards Against Humanity combinations
  • People named Ian
  • Tom Hardy roles
  • Amusingly-named phobias
  • Douchebags in cinema
  • Countries you'd like to visit
  • Memorable busking acts
  • Celebrity brothers
  • Celebrity sisters
  • 21st Century feminist icons
  • Talking Heads songs
  • Amusing Canadians
  • Novelty records
  • Animated Disney movies (no CGI)
  • 90's sitcoms
  • Palindromes
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-Kinds of pie

-Types of cheese

-Famous dogs

-First Ladys

-Kinds of tree

-Types of invertibrate

-International airports

-Mediterranean nations

-Famous bridges

-Old timey insults

-Steven Spielberg films

-People named Tom

-Famous guitarists

-Elvis songs

-REM albums

-Nuclear armed nations

-Species of fly

-Major banks

-Significant Native Americans

-Types of wine

-Cop shows

-Nonsense words

-Breeds of bear

-Brass instruments

-Asian actors


-Continental North American Languages

-Classical composers

-Famous painters

-Genres of fiction

-Notable Welshmen

-Hostess products

-Styles of facial hair

-Types of shoe

-Dead singers

-American car manufacturers

-Decathlon events

-Olympic swimming events

-Types of home video


-News anchors

-Kinds of donuts


-Fictional animals

-Las Vegas Casinos

-Modes of transportation

-Words for being drunk

-Failed presidential candidates

-Names for fingers

-Californian cities

-Shades of green

-Ivy league schools

-Law enforcement agencies

-Types of rodent

-Freshwater fish


-Words with dual meanings

-English counties

-Failed big businesses

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