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Probably. :)

Is the game suppose to be in any way different from the one on the GC? I haven't looked up much coverage on it, but if there's something added to it I might consider. But if it's the exact same game with nothing added to it, then no thanks. I'm a cheap skate and have enough games in my line of sight this Fall.

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From IGN:

The PS2 version of Resident Evil 4 comes packed with new elements that demand even the most ardent system war soldier check out this system's edition. Most notably is the new Separate Ways mission, featuring Ada Wong. This brand new series of five mini-chapters significantly adds to the game, with unseen areas, new story elements, and a new playable character with moves and weapons that Leon could only dream of. Additional story snippets are also added to Ada's Report after you finish the sequence, giving you even more insight into it all. This bonus mission, albeit a relatievly short additional romp, is exactly the kind of high-powered gameplay and complete production quality that we all had wanted in Konami's MGS2: Substance, and it's amazing that Capcom went to this length for what is essentially a port project. We've compiled a detailed sneak-peek of Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways, which you should check out immediately if you haven't had the chance yet.

Ada isn't the only one to enjoy something new from this PS2 version. New costumes have been created for Leon and Ashley -- one a turn-of-the-century gangster suit, the other an armored knight outfit. These new get-ups are fun and cute, but Ashley's suit serves the secondary purpose of making her heavier to be stolen away and also more protected from attacks. Leon's new Plagas removal laser 412 -- aka the P.R.L. 412 -- is a wicked new weapon that fills the screen with impressive effects while it fills the targets with a hot blast of laser. This new gun has two functions: the first is a semi-charged blast that hurts enemies and also works as a flash bang for stunning several enemies on the screen, while the second is a fully-charged blast that rips right through most opponents in a single, powerful blast. The weapon is powerful -- almost too powerful, which is why it's likely to be hidden deep in the game -- but its blast power is slightly offset by its lacking features. The gun can only harm living beings, so it will not detonate tripwires or set off bear traps. It will also not blast bats or birds, even when fully charged, for reasons that some could guess after having played the full game.

Plus it's going to sell for $39.99.

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I don't have a Gamecube, so I got the PS2 version. I played through to rescue Ashley, but started a new game in a new save file so I could be more stocked with items & weapons. I'm up to the battle with El Gigante now.

I believe later in the game, the El Gigante monster will morph into a sasquatch and be re-named Giant Gonzalez.

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