Episode 38: Jennifer Connelly


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The second 2017 episode of Hey, an Actor! profiles one of the most well-known actresses that Pandy had barely heard of: Jennifer Connelly. This month, we say "Solve my Maze!" as The Brothers Wilson review her best-known performance as a child actress in the cult fantasy epic Labyrinth, co-starring David Bowie. Then Pandy is exposed to Dark City for the first time. What side of the Earth-2.net divide will he fall? And finally, A Beautiful Mind is the film that won Connelly her first Oscar, but is the fact that the film is award-bait off-putting to our hosts? On top of that, Ian is briefly duped into the Oscar credentials of What Women Want, Pandy abandons a planned jingle series based on how bad the first one is, The Orgs inadvertently create a new gameshow, and Chris Johnson weighs in to explain the long-running meme involving him and George Reeves. And if you enjoy the recording madness of an over-tired father, be sure to stick around until the very end! [ 2:44:47 || 79.5 MB ]

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Suddenly realised that Ian has a Bacon number of three.

Ian was on The Chase with

Bradley Walsh who was in To Each his own Cinema with

Josh Brolin who was in Hollow Man with

Kevin Bacon


edit- and so is mine!

I was in Casualty episode Hidden Truths alongside blind fiancée character and then unknown

Paterson Joseph who was in Aeon Flux with

Charlize Theron who was in Trapped with

Kevin Bacon.


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O. I forgot it was just by mutual close acquaintance. In that case, my score is four:

I took a theatre and film class in my senior year of college taught by the awesome

John Astin, who starred in the Frighteners, which featured a cameo by

Peter Jackson, who cameoed as a man with a carrot, a soldier at Helm's Deep, and a pirate in The Lord of the Rings, which starred

His stepson John Astin, who was second-billed in the film White Water Summer, just under

Kevin Bacon.


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