Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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So when they decided on where they were putting this park what they'd be doing there, not only did they fail to account for hurricanes that could knock out park security or DNA changes that made the dinosaurs able to breed, or plants they couldn't eat or the unpredictability of stuff a giant raptor with octopus DNA but they built a billion dollar theme park on an active volcano?!

Dumb. So goddamn dumb.

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This is what I said on Facebook earlier this month, and an extension of what I said in the other thread:

How in the world are there still Jurassic Park movies being made? There is no way this theme park would ever be allowed to operate, "if this were real."

Imagine if this were real. How would a normal person react in this world?

We have had multiple dinosaur rampages, including a T-Rex rampaging though a California city. And this was 20 years ago, in our timeline and in the movie's universe.

The island would have been hit with so many nuclear weapons by now that not even cockroaches would survive. It would be a glowing dot on the map and every living thing would have been incinerated and anything left would be irradiated to the point no life could possibly survive.

This is totally nonsensical. It is time to either reboot this franchise, or end it. I normally hate reboots, but once you have written yourself into a corner to the point that the story cannot logically continue, a reboot is the only way out.

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