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Tragedy rocks the WWF as Brian Pillman suddenly passes away. Tom and Kellen discuss his career and how the WWF handled his death in the week's program. On a more positive note, this show features coverage of Badd Blood: In Your House, featuring the legendary inaugural Hell in a Cell match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. [ 4:13:16 || 243.2 MB ]


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I loved the multiple nods to the Tranquil Tirades in this episode. Joke for three people, quarter star moment, etc.

Vader's athleticism for a man his size is unbelievable. He really should have been WWF champion at some point, or at least had a run with the IC belt.

Kellan losing his composure and being unable to stop laughing during Tom's promo was great. When someone is laughing like that, it is contagious and I could not stifle my own laugh.

WWF was treading on some dangerous ground with Cornette's worked shoot promo. There could very easily have been a defamation lawsuit, as Hulk Hogan sued Vince Russo in real life for a less caustic shoot promo. (Then again, Hogan is a bit of a snowflake.)

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FUCK!  I forgot to post my “Smark trying too hard” story surrounding Kane’s debut!

Okay, so Bad Blood is coming up, and I’m in college in Southern Connecticut, and channel surfing.  I hit upon a local access cable channel as they have a guy talking wrestling in a call-in show format.

Anyway, guessing who Kane was going to be was a question of the day, and a caller says “Diesel”  To which the host asks “Which one?  There’s been two of them.”

In my head I’m thinking “Yeah, Kevin Nash, who was sidelined at the time, is going to jump on his very sweet contract with WCW, and return to his old place of employment to portray a character that is pretty much just going to be canon fodder for The Undertaker!”

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