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5. Kyle Rayner: My favorite GL. Still young and wet behind the ears, but very imaginative.

4. Guy Gardner: For some reason he reminds me of a brick. Very tough, unflinching and corny (its his hair). When i think of Guy, I think about his reaction when Hal punched Batman.

3. John Stewart: Stepped back up to the plate when Kyle left. Takes responsibilities for his actions (death of his sister, and uh that whole planet thing).

2. Alan Scott: The ORIGINAL. His fights with Obsidian really make him stand out in my mind.

1. Hal Jordan: At first, I was against him coming back (Go Kyle!!). But when reading the new GL comic, I can see why he's the best. One of the best lines I've read in comics comes from Hal.

Parallax: "Why don't you give up?"

Hal: "Because I don't know how"

Go HAL!!

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5: Hal Jordan. I just was never a huge fan. Couldn't get behind the guy. I hate the fact that he came back.

4: Alan Scott. I like him a lot. Just not as much as the other three. Still, a great damn character.

3: Kyle Rayner. I loved the stories based on Rayner learning his powers and trying to fit in with guys like Superman and Batman. Even moreso then his own book, I loved him in the JLA.

2: John Stewart. A great GL. Stepped up to replace Kyle and fit in great. Always seemed to be the replacement guy but was always better and more fresh then the guys he replaced.

1: Guy Freaking Gardner. No real reason. I just loved the brash, cocky, I can do anything better then you attitude.

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