Episode 1076 - Hawkworld


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After a botched intro, Dan and Mike gush about Hawkworld, the 1989 miniseries that attempted to do for Hawkman what The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Returns did for Superman and Batman. Then they look at a Silver Age classic: The Brave and the Bold #34. [ 1:46:13 || 54.0 MB ]


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I know what @The Master means about appropriate clothing in hot weather. I wore a suit to an event that took place outside in hot summer weather four years ago. I was kinda obligated to wear it, but I was really regretting the suit walking back to my car. Ugh. Feeling your pain.

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I became a fan of both Hawkman and Green Arrow through Identity Crisis. 

If you're looking to get into GA, pick up the first several volumes of Green Arrow's solo series starting with his coming back from the dead.

For Hawkman, get JSA volumes 3 (Return of Hawkman) through Vol. 10. (Black Vengeance.) That run also made me a huge fan of Black Adam. You really feel the friendship between Hawkman and Black Adam there.

Fair warning: Hawkman comes off very badly in how he relates to Hawkgirl. Even before "Me Too" his treatment of her is more than a little creepy.

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