Episode 01 - Watchmen #1


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During the course of a routine murder investigation, a semi-retired superhero's identity is unearthed. As thread upon thread is unraveled, a broader conspiracy is revealed. But maybe not the one an amateur detective has concocted. And thus begins the world of Watchmen. [ 1:54:37 || 55.5 MB ]


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Great first episode guys!

One thing that will probably come up in each episode is how every issue ends as a mirror bookend to how it began. Issue one beginning and ending with a zoom-out being the first indication. 

I'll be honest, I never really gave thought to the fact that Rorschach was meant to be a crappy detective. Probably because his actions catch the attention of Veidt and he ended up getting manipulated, but it's pretty funny how conspiratorial he clearly is from the jump. And more than definitely Alt. Right.

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I'm really enjoying this guys. The level of detail each of you adds is fascinating. I'm going to have to read along with each episode.

One point, and I don't know if the panels contradict this at all, but I always figure that part of Rorsachs plan would be to get the name Edward Blake out there, send terrified lowlifes out with word hes searching for the killer. It's a very Daredevil thing to do.

Then again, maybe back when Dan and Rorsach used to investigate Dan suggested that sort of action and it just became habit for Rorsach, he doesn't really remember why they did it it's just an automatic reaction. Find crime = Terrify bar, that kind of thing.

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