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Okay,guess I'll start the feedback for the 3rd time in a week.

-Teen Titans & Smallivlle. If it weren't for the fact I hadn't already caved and read the spoilers I wouldn't have listened to the episode but I did, so I did. Liked the recapping style and I agree with you on the one thing you got really ticked at (not spoiling).

-Jackson, nice job there on the call-in. really agree with you on most of your current picks, cept for Sigma 6, granted, I never was a G.I. Joe guy to begin with.

-Since the cartoons were brought up in this episode I'm planning on sending in something regarding two carttons every Maple Syrup blooded Canadian should know (can you guess them.)

-Keep up the good work, again.

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All I know is that I need to get back into Teen Titans, and quickly. I saw something like 5 episodes, fell in love with the theme music and then got shipped off to university. <_<

Good job to everyone, particularly Jackson's mini-segment, which was interesting to hear from this side of the pond.

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With all due respect, guys, you went on a rant about Lana without a) explaining what the character was like in the annals of DCU history (an INFINITELY lamer version than KK's Lana) and b) basing that mainly on seasons 1 and 2. That's dirty pool.

You're not alone in this assessment, but, dammit, it annoys me. I think a lot of people who hate Lana in Smallville sort of stop at the summary, "She's the one who he can't have", and don't look at the complex nature of the relationship. Nor do they properly understand what role all four women play in Clark's Smallville life.

Smallville at least tries to make Lana an integral part of his transition to Superman. It's not just that she's an ill-fated waypoint on the Lois Lane Expressway. She's firmly at the crossroads of all the major discoveries he needs to make to become Superman. The road from Jor-El to the Fortress of Solitude--that has to go through Lang Junction. Equally, she is absolutely pivotal, as has been increasingly clear since the season four finale, to the irrevocable breakdown in the relationship with Lex. If the comics posited that Lex and Superboy became rivals when Lex lost his hair to Kryptonite, Smallville definitely seems to be saying that the thing that will finally make Luthor go over the edge is his realization that Lana is his best shot at a "normal" life, and Clark will not only prevent that, but ultimately sour Lana so badly that Lex won't have a shot at her either. It's not enough, in other words, that he will lose Lana to Clark, but that he will lose her to the idea (and ideal) of Clark, which will, I believe, make Lex just stop trying to nurture his good side altogether. With any luck, Lex will see the eventual final breakup with Lana as "Clark callously discarding what he himself would move mountains to have", rather than "something that just didn't work out".

Forgetting the fact, for the moment, that it's Lana who has been the conduit for every major Kryptonian revelation, or that she's also the emotional glue between Clark and Lex, it is important to understand where she is in the pantheon of female Smallville characters, and why it's vital she is not right for him. The goal of Smallville is, first and foremost, to get Clark to wear glasses and a cape. For that to happen, Clark must, by definition, find a way to leave Smallville behind. This ain't happenin' if a) Chloe is in the picture, b) Lana is happy in the relationship, or c) Martha relies on him too heavily. Yet it also can't happen if he dishonors these three women. For Superman to be super he has to have de-emphasized these relationships for honorable reasons. In other words, there's gotta be a little bit of Chloe, Lana and Martha in Lois for it to plausibly be the one relationship for which he was "destined". Chloe is his professional mentor. Martha is his moral core. And Lana is his soul. All three of these things exist within Lois, which is why, ultimately, he marries her. Lana represents the side of Lois that is surprisingly vulnerable--and the one that demands (but this time gets) complete honesty. If we don't see, through Lana, how difficult it is for Clark to be totally honest with someone about his true nature, then the ultimate honesty in the Clark/Lois relationship is much less impactful. And, let's face it, that relationship, throughout most of comics history, has been incredibly flat. At least now, there is some part of Superman lore that is finally giving us emotionally--and not just intellectually-- valid reasons why it's such a big deal that Clark shares his secret with Lois. In being honest with Lois, he is directly guided by the failure of the Lana relationship. By giving us the details of that failure (what you, and so many other people, see as the boring "soap opera" of their relationship), the impact of the eventual Lois/Clark hook-up is that much greater. I say give me as much Lana/Clark angst as possible, then give me another series of Lois and Clark--this time done seriously and in continuity with Smallville

As for Chloe and Clark, well, I think the writers have done precisely their job if you're saying you want them together. Because if you're saying that, you're really saying you want to see Lois and Clark together. I do think the writers "got lost" with Chloe from the middle of season 3 to the middle of season 4, but now that she knows his secret, she's totally revitalized. Unfortunately, the truth is that Chloe must die in order for the "professionally aimless" Clark's transition to the Daily Planet to be completed. The most satisfying use of her character, IMHO, would be for there to be some tiny flicker of hope that they might have a romantic relationsihip in like the last few episodes of the series, after a final seal has been placed on Lana/Clark, and then have her killed off in front of Lois and Clark, so that both of them would then dedicate their lives to journalism sort of in her honor.

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