Silent Hill 1 Re-Release?

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Silent Hill 1 Re-Release?

Actress suggests Konami's readying a remake of sorts.

by Patrick Klepek, 03/16/2006

Someone may have finally done it; someone in Hollywood may have finally understood what it takes to adapt a videogame properly for the silver screen. Silent Hill fans are understandably anxious for the release of the Christophe Gans-directed take on Konami's survival horror series, but thankfully, word on the movie has been nothing but good.

In fact, buzz on Silent Hill has been positive enough that Konami may even take a look at tweaking the original game to capitalize on the movie's potential success. Fan run website Silent Hill forum picked up a copy of the latest issue of horror magazine Fangoria, where Konami's apparently expressed a surprising amount of praise for Gans and his work.

Gans has already agreed to participate in a Silent Hill sequel if the movie does well next month, and he's even looking into adapting another one of the company's franchises - may we suggest the long awaited Metal Gear Solid movie?

Most interesting to gamers, though, should be the idea that Konami's allegedly interested in remaking the original Silent Hill and replacing the original male lead of Harry Mason with the film's female lead, Mason's wife. When Konami was contacted about the possibility, though, public relations head Marc Franklin said "this is just a rumor."

An all-new Silent Hill won't be released on the current generation machines, but with plenty of life still in PlayStation 2 and the like, a revisiting to Silent Hill's origins certainly couldn't be out of the question. We'll be crossing our fingers, and so should you.

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Yeah, I have my doubts on this, as well. Part of what made the original Silent Hill so great was the gritty graphics. Redoing everything might detract from the ambience. But hey, I'm willing to see how it looks. Silent Hill is one of my favorite games ever.

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