Quickie #4


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Well it was a quickie, so it obviously wasn't as great as a normal show would be but there's an upside, I'm at home on spring break, ergo no high speed school connection, quickie took a reasonable amount of time (ie 1 hour)

About KH2, I just started the first one, so I'll be sending in Anticipation for awhile (btw did you get the Peach Girl one, not sure if it got through, (for the 5th time))

Animezing Segment, when I hear that Hellsing intro (that's it, right?) I just drop everything and listen, especially when I hear James refer to his review as a rant. Only thing I can say is that it sounds a but like my next Anticipation. Good Show that takes a huge nosedive with a crappy as all hell ending. Anyhow, very good, thinking about picking it up (or at least the first half) Also need to add, you want a sad ending, see TAFKA Kimi Ga Nozomo Eien, you heard the emotional toll it did to me

Can't wait for Ghostbusters next week

I leave you with these parting words, to quote Nelson Munts "Ha ha, next time get a DVD"

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