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Is it important to have continuity in comic books? Marvel doesn't seem to think so. Things that are happening in one book don't happen in the others, even if it threatens the entire world. Characters seem to be in more than one place at the same time. Characters look different in each book(Beast). The XMen books seem to be the worst at this. It didn't use to be this bad did it?

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Yeah is being bugging me for awhile as well, The whole Nick Fury no longer being in charge of shield yet showing up in several comics still as the head of Shield(ie Hulk) or when Purple Man took control of the city in Thunderbolts, or Logan apearing in every single comic and being on 4 teams. these things need to be reflected through the MU. The only thing they reconned was that is was a life like decoy of Fury that appeared in Hulk.

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