Question for later on this year

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What does everyone think about having Earth-2 awards for mainpage work at the end of the year (a la the Oratory in years past)? I mean, I know we're still somewhat of a fledgling website with not all that many active members, but we are most definitely growing. I just think having little awards to recognize the hard work done by all of us who do stuff for the mainpage would show those people out there who haven't yet joined the forums even more that we are a serious website on the grow. I have a lot of ideas for awards and all that jazz, but first things first--what does everyone think about doing this?

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Sounds good. Care to spearhead it?

Here's my input: the best in each category is voted upon by the forum members, and then the list of winners are posted (with links to the articles, naturally) on the mainpage.

My thoughts exactly.

And yes, I'd be happy to spearhead it.

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Well lets see at present I think there is (thinks...Mike, Jen, James, Me, Ian, DW...Jack.......I know I'm missing one anyhow) like 8 people that present contribute in text, audio or video form. (Actually more than I thought.)

Regardless, vote Kellen for most emotional (anger, brain melting (coming soon) & TOTAL RAGE)

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