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As I've been mentioning I'm going to anime convention Ai-kon this weekend. The schedule has just been released and I'm looking for opinions on what to go see.

The Ai-Kon Schedule

I'm too lazy to type them all out. What there is def. worth watching, what there might be enjoyed, what should just be avoided, in the case of two good shows going head to head (like Ginban Kaleidoscope & Kaleido Star: New Wings...I can't choose) which one should I check out

There's a few things that I got down on my sked for sure, but I'd like to hear some other thoughts

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As far as animes go...

Highly recommend:

--Read or Die (R.O.D. The TV) - Of all the shows/movies I see listed there, R.O.D. is easily the one I say DEFINITELY see. It's just ridiculously cool.

--D.N.Angel - Great voice acting

--Ah! My Goddess OVA - Very popular anime

Maybe go see:

--Samurai Pizza Cats

--Rozen Maiden

--Sailor Moon S

--Sakura Wars


Probably want to stay away from:

--.hack// - Very disappointing, plodding anime in my opinion. At least all of the episodes I've seen of it are.

Do try and go to as many special events as possible, though. You can always go watch movies and shows during the late, late hours and into the morning to kill time. Hell, a lot of the time, that is when you can see rarely shown movies and whatnot. Panels and other stuff normally only happen in the afternoons from what I've experienced, so don't miss out on those.

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