Alucard VS. Blade VS. Donovan

James D.

Which vampire hunter (who is also a vampire himself) would win?  

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Battle of the Vampiric Vampire Hunters!!!

Where: A huge graveyard in Scotland. The three beings are drawn to this place by each others' vampiric psychic energies. Somehow, they can sense each other and they feel drawn to a certain graveyard in the outer borders of Scotland. They sense that they must destroy whomever they meet there. They just don't know what's in store for each of them.

Conditions: The three combatants can only use whatever weapons they have on them and any inherent abilities they have. Meaning: Blade can have his guns, and a sword or any bombs he might have, Alucard has his two guns, and Donovan can have that gargantuan unbreakable sword of the dark. So, once they are out of ammo or whathaveyou, they can't get more and they have to rely on whatever they have left and their superpowers. This fight goes on until two of them are knocked out for several minutes and can't recover...or until two are dead.

--Note: Anita, Donovan's companion, is not allowed to heal Donovan because she is banned from being there.

Special powers:

--Donovan can summon demons of ice, fire and electric energy through his sword--the Sword of the Darkness, Killshred, at his disposal, which is unbreakable and is a living being itself. It can rip gashes into the earth over a mile wide. Special beads on his chest protect him from limited amounts of damage. Has a heightened threshold for pain and can go on even when his body is clearly damaged badly.

--Alucard (see below)

--Blade: Half vampire, immune to most things that kill ordinary vampires. A variety of highly advanced anti-vampire weaponry at his disposal. Cannot be hypnotized by vampires. Immense fighting ability in both armed and unarmed combat.

I say Alucard. First off, he is an invulnerable shapeshifter. When he gets immensely harmed, his body automatically reforms, no matter how much he is hacked up or shot. His entire face, both arms, both legs, and his rib cage could be strewn all over the place in a bloody mess, and they will all completely reform within mere seconds. He cannot be killed with bullets of ANY kind. He is immune to mercury-ignition bullets, silver bullets and any other kind of ammunition that would harm vampires. (He can be shot in the heart and the head and still get up from it good as new.) His only limitation is that he must have his power levels permissably unlocked by his master telepathically. In this situation, though, with fighters as tough as Blade and Donovan, his master won't hold back. Alucard will be practically invincible.

Why Blade wouldn't win: He is still half human and that will be a distinct disadvantage in this battle. He is immune to vampiric stares and bites, but that won't help him when Donovan summons a giant fire demon and Alucard turns into a gigantic, ravenous, vampire-eating dog. As soon as he runs out of weapons, he has to rely on his fighting ability and small handheld weapons (like a katana) against a vampire who cannot be destroyed and a man who can summon immortal beings with the biggest f'n sword in the world. I'm not saying Blade wouldn't put up a helluva fight, but you have to look at the abilities of his opponents and think how could Blade possibly overcome both of them at the same time? It's impossible.

Why Donovan wouldn't win: I think it would come down to these two with Alucard winning simply because he cannot be stopped. Donovan has an unbelieveably high tolerance for pain, but eventually the strain of hours upon hours of fighting will get to him and he won't be able to continue. His superhuman/vampiric stamina would eventually drain. Basically, I think Alucard would just wear him out. Both Alucard and Donovan have insanely powerful abilities at their command, but Alucard's body simply cannot be destroyed and that's the proverbial nail in the coffin there.

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Question: Can sunlight kill Alucard and Donovan, or are they immune to it like Blade?

They are both immune to sunlight. Man, how did I forget to mention that? Yikes, my short-term memory sucks. :doh:

Okay. 'Cause if they weren't all Blade would have to do is live until sunup, but since you put it that way, Alucard wins. Granted, I know little about any of these characters (save Blade), but your assessment of the situation makes the winner pretty damn clear.

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In darkstalkers 3, the game, Donovan has the power to turn into a demon for a max3 super move, and since this didn't clarify if you were going on the anime or video game or both, for this battle, I would go with Donovan.

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