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Over the course of the next few days I'll begin writing the second half of my If I Ran Marvel piece, this time focusing on the core line. As of this moment, there are 27 books on my list, but I could always use a few more.

That said, what books would you like to see make my final list? Keep in mind that the obvious ones (i.e. The Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man) need not be named. I'm looking for obscure comics, cult favorites, ones I might not have thought of, etc. Along those same lines, what books should be given the ax?

Please do not list creative teams or rosters. Just name the books.

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Include What If...? in there. I'd love to hear your take on that stuff.

What If...? is easily my favorite comic book of all time, so you can bet your ass it'll be on there.

Speaking of What If...?, I almost started a second podcast and an Earth-2 subsite dedicated to the comic, but held off because I'm still missing a few issues from the first series. Once I have those in my collection, I'll revisit the idea.

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What about Marvel Comics Presents?

You want the truth? That was the first comic I thought of when I conceived this project.

You're my hero. When I was 12 it could have been the only comic I ever needed to buy. That Wolverine/Spidey Erik Larsen story makes me tingle all over.

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Hmm. That storyline isn't ringing any bells. Refresh me, please.

And I think people are going to enjoy what I have planned for that MCP.

S and W both show up at a warehouse where mutant terrorists are holding a young girl (possibly a mutant or senator's daughter, I can't remember) and they have the coolest fucking fight in comics history. Larsen is awesome. It was violent and funny and he introduced a few of them into his Amazing Spider-man run. Whiplash was the name of one of them and there was a yellow-skinned (a la Zombie) feral girl too. Boobs galore.

I anxiously await your announcement. It would be a great way to showcase new talent...ahem. Are you reading this Mr. Quesada?

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