Fetch quests... ugh!


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Okay, so I'm playing Okami and generally liking it. It's a little too slow (even for this type of game) and the battles are very repetitive, but overall the art style and story have kept me going. But then I ran into one too many fucking fetch quests. I HATE THESE FUCKING THINGS!

I was fine with finding five dogs... and feeding them. Whatever. But then, oh wait! Three more dogs are scattered... outside of the village. "Please find them so the plot can advance. Please, oh please!" Ugh!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who hates these pointless, time wasting things? Throughout all of gaming, what have been the worst, most time-consuming fetch quests?

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The worst I've had to do is by far the attaining of the Mercury Sigil in Final Fantasy X (an object you need to get Rikku's ultimate weapon). You have to complete the Cactuar minigame, which entails going to like seven different maps all over the world. You have to obtain a sphere by catching a Cactuar. Yes, you have to sneak up on the little lightning-fast fucker and catch it and take its sphere. And each time you complete the daunting task, you have to go back to the Sanubia Desert and walk AAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way across the fucking map to place the sphere in this stone tablet. And you had to do this 10 fucking times. And after you finally get rid of the sandstorm to be able to go into the dark desert pit and grab the Sigil, you had to fight some gargantuan worm thing. UGH. So damn frustrating.

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Ha. There are some crazy ones in Guild Wars. The best is probably presearing, where you go get a bushel of apples for this chick, but whenever you're carrying the apples, you get attacked by spiders. It's actually somewhat entertaining for that reason.

Frontier Gate Fugitives and the Black Moa suck though. Back and forth and back and forth. Especially with Black Moa, though at least that's near towns/outposts, so the map travel helps. By far the most annoying quest in Factions.

In general they aren't that bad, usually. As long as there's a decent story around it and other stuff can be done along the way, they usually aren't too bad.

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