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Hey. So i just got a ds lite. I"m planning to take it on my trip to kuwait and i was wondering if the a/c adapter can work if the voltage is 220 volts. I talked to the guy at Gamestop and he said it can go up to 220 but i'm just double checking.

Also, what are some good games i should pick up? So far i have Super Mario Bros. DS and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I'm also thinking of picking up either Big Brain Academy or Brain Age.

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Tetris DS: Nothing very different, but had a couple different types of game that were pretty fun. I enjoyed it.

Mario & Luigi Partners in Time: Pretty short, but very solid game.

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow: I love this game. Absolutely love it and if you enjoyed any of the previous Castlevania games, this would be a great game to get.

Kirby Canvas Curse: Another game already mentioned. Innovative and very fun game.

Star Fox DS: Don't buy this. Game sucks badly.

Animal Crossing and Mario Kart are both fun games also. THough if you've already played through their past games, you might not care for them so much.

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