Episode 69


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Sorry for the late feedback. I've been waiting for this show for a while since you and I briefly discussed Saw III over PM's. It was funny--I wasn't at all feeling that you thought this was the worst movie of the series by your comments and then you mention that during the show, and, well, there ya' go. It's also kind of funny that you and I both seem to be struggling to come up with proper critiques of the movie save for a few things.

Glad Jenny's alright. I can't imagine what I would have done in that situation.

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I'm just ambivalent to the franchise now. It's like, "Oh... another Saw. Okay." There's nothing left to be said.

Jen's 100% better now. Only once in the last week did she seem foggy / out of it, but that was most likely due to her being bushed. So, yeah, all better.

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Good show. Glad everyone's okay.

About the movie though. I was under the impression that in the beginning, when Lynn is getting out of bed and talking to that guy, that she wasn't re-married, and that the man in the bed was just the guy she was cheating on Jeff with. And when he says he wants a divorce from her, he meant for her to divorce Jeff.

At least I think.

It confused the hell out of me at the end when Amanda shot her and then Jigsaw said "you just killed Jeff's wife".

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