Sonic In Super Smash Bros.?

Morphine Jim

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I just saw this on Amazon, not sure if anyone's brought it up yet -

Since you ask:

Nintendo has admitted that it is in talks with other third party publishers, about the possibility of including other non-Nintendo characters in the game beyond just Solid Snake, with Sonic the Hedgehog touted as the next most likely to make an appearance.

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Sonic and Mega Man would two of the best fits for the Smash Brothers games. And although he's become less popular, I think Crash would fit in with the game just nicely.

Are you saying Crash, as in Crash n' the Boys? Or is my mind just functioning in an odd way and missing the obvious? But Crash of n' the Boys fame would work pretty well. And the Bionic Commando. Maybe Little Nemo... I could go on forever

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