Super Paper Mario


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From Codename Revolution:

Super Paper Mario - To be released in APRIL! Mario finds himself in the interdimensional town of flipside as a black hole looms overhead along with floating math equations. You have to use the controller sideways moving the control pad and jumping with the 2 button (OLD SCHOOL!). A button allows you to switch from 2D to 3D and later in the game you’ll encounter creatures called Pixls that will give Mario new abilities that make an interesting use of the Wiimote. Tippy (a butterfly) allows you to search areas for secrets, you can point the Wiimote at the screen to spotlight hidden doors or learn info about the enemy. When you jump on an enemy, if you shake the Wiimote you can gain extra points. Game has graphical enhancements from the E3 build (the issue has new screenshots).

Oh please, please, please let this be true! :w00t:

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From Kotaku:

Word from the latest issue of Nintendo Power dates the next Mario platformer-RPG—dubbed Super Paper Mario—to hit the Wii a little earlier than expected. The game is now due to hit store shelves in April, delayed after shifting platforms from the long-dead Gamecube to the Wii.

The game's release date is still listed as TBA at the official press site. If it does make its new April date, it should serve as sweet relief to a potential game drought and silence mini-game and party game detractors.

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now, I've read conflicting reports. Is this an RPG, like the first two were, or is this a platformer (like say, kirby for 64 was. fun game by the way, but nothing really to it)? I seem to recall when they were plugging it for Cube it wasn't going to be an RPG. Now most things mention the RPG factor making me think the ones that aren't are simply neglecting that aspect.

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