Reel Dread - Tiny Terrors: Reviewing Small Gauge Trauma


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One of last year's most interesting releases had to be Synapse Films' Small Gauge Trauma, a collection of 13 award-winning short films celebrating the best of Montreal's famed Fantasia Film Festival. Or at least the best of the last decade. If for nothing else, the Fantasia Film Festival is responsible for introducing Hideo Nakata (Ringu), Takashi Miike (Koroshiya 1, also known as Ichi the Killer) and Nacho Cerda (The Abandoned) to North American audiences.

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Thanks James! You should also thank Yoda, I think he put the Ichi the Killer reference in the opening paragraph, not me. I'm all pretentious and think everybody knows about Miike.

I was a little leary about writing this review as it was less analytical about the genre and more of a review that almost nobody would go and buy from reading that even though it was favorable. Maybe I'll do an analytical thing on Buck and Cerda's work later on down the line.

Next week, however, will be a review that everybody has to read and take my advice on....

OOOHHHH: teaser!

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