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Guitar Hero on Wii?

Activision CEO drops a not-so-subtle hint.

by Micah Seff

February 8, 2007 - Yesterday, Activision held a conference call wherein it reported its preliminary financial results for Q3 2007, as well as its expectations for fiscal 2008. Two weeks prior to this, the company had reported that it expected to take in $170 million in revenue during the fourth quarter of this fiscal year. Yesterday, Activision increased this prediction to $200 million.

Amidst a whole lot of self-congratulations, Activision CEO Thomas Tippl hinted that a heretofore unannounced Guitar Hero title would be heading to the Wii. While, Tippl didn't directly announce any particular games, he did say that Activision planned on doubling its "offerings on the DS and the Wii, including Spider-Man, Shrek, Transformers, and Guitar Hero."

Tippl tried his utmost to skirt around providing any specific details for any of these games, but he did reiterate the fact that Activision's development efforts are being divided equally among all of the next-gen consoles. He claimed that Activision has 60 titles planned for fiscal 2008. If those games are divided evenly across all platforms, then there should be a whole lot of Wii and DS love in the next year.

We contacted Activision to find out any more information about this meaty story, but didn't receive an official comment in time for publish.

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First thing I thought was this story...

Activision calls dibs on Guitar Villain, Drum Villain

Trademark applications filed late last year suggest a pair of Guitar Hero spin-offs in the publisher's future.

With MTV's purchase of Guitar Hero developer Harmonix and development duties on the franchise handed over to Neversoft, it seems inevitable that the game will undergo some changes. A pair of trademark application filings uncovered today by GameSpot indicate those changes could extend well beyond the studio making the game.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office Web site currently shows a pair of applications from Activision for "Guitar Villain" and "Drum Villain." The applications specifically state that they are intended to cover computer game software in a variety of forms, including downloadable games, games sold together with controllers, arcade games, and games sold with electronic toy guitars. The filings also mention entertainment services, such as online leaderboards that keep track of players' high scores.

The Guitar Villain mark was filed for on November 29, 2006, with the Drum Villain mark following days later on December 1.

These filings don't necessarily mean these games are coming soon, or even at all. Before it was acquired by Activision last year, RedOctane filed for trademarks on Keyboard Hero, Drum Hero, and Band Hero.

A representative from Activision acquisition and original Guitar Hero publisher RedOctane offered the following statement when asked about the trademark filings: "RedOctane is fully dedicated to, and currently focused on the production of Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360. There have not been any announcements, or further information, on any titles and projects outside of this."

Motion sensor + drums? Eh? Just a thought.

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