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List the ones you use, and reasons if you can.

Virtua Fighter: Started as a Lion guy, but recently started using Goh for his traps. Occasionally I'll use Lau if I'm in the mood for some rushdown.

Soul Calibur: Nightmare is the only one I've ever really mastered. Occasionally I'll dabble in Mits, but always go back to Nightmare.

Tekken: Well, in 4, you pretty much HAVE to use either Jin or Ling. In 3 it was Hwoarang. 5, I converted over to Marduk, though Fang is a fucking beast as well.

Street Fighter 2: Blanka and Ken. Depends on who I'm facing.

Street Fighter 3: Ken. Doesn't matter what version. I'll KILL you with Ken. I'll use Urien if I want to show off though. Argus Reflector is just too damn good.

2D Mortal Kombat: Subs or Kitana. Subs for shutting down, Kitana for combos.

3D Mortal Kombat: Scorpion, if only for the fact that they always make sure he's top tier in every installment.

Guilty Gear: Faust, because almost no one knows how to deal with him. Also a Sol fan, obviously.

MvC: Hayato, Strider, and Ken. Outside of Magneto, Storm and Doom, don't find myself ever reallly using the Marvel guys.

King of Fighters: K'. Lots and lots of K'. Outside of that, I'm generally "decent" with everyone.

Capcom vs SNK: Team is usually Sagat, Ken, and Blanka. Again, don't find myself using the SNK guys too much cause they were nerfed to shit in both versions.

Dead or Alive: Don't play most of the time cause it sucks. But on the occasion that I find myself playing, it's usually Bass or the overpowered as fuck Ryu.

Smash Bros: Fuck Jigglypuff. Kirby and Ness all the way.

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Oh, my...let's see if I can remember them all...

Zero Divide: Zero--Well-balanced

Darkstalkers 3: Donovan--I'm a Donovan mark.

Darkstalkers Chronicles: The Chaos Tower: Donovan, Morrigan, and Jon Talbain

Mortal Kombat: Kano--Heart-rip fatality

Mortal Kombat II: Kung Lao--Loved how you could direct his projectiles

Mortal Kombat 3/UMK3/MKT: Robot Smoke--Armageddon fatality. Nuff said. But also his simplistic, but powerful combo ability.

Mortal Kombat 4: Jarek--The heart-rip fatality alone; this game was horrible

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance: Li Mei or Kitana--Speed and easy combos

Mortal Kombat Deception: Noob Smoke--Insanely cool switch-out combo abilities

Killer Instinct: B. Orchid

Killer Instinct II: Spinal

King of Fighters series: Any combination or singularity of Mai Shiranui, Athena Asimaya, and Yuri Sakazaki

Battle Arena Toshinden: Ellis--No reasons stand out; I guess she was easy to use way back in 1995 when this game came out

Battle Arena Toshinden 2: Fo Fai (or Vermilion when I want to be a cheap bastard)--His spiralling range is fantastic, and come on, he uses a FART as a super move

Samurai Showdown: Gen-An Shiranui

Soul Calibur III: Sophitia Alexandra--Very easy character to master, quick, and her combos can be absolutely devastating.

Super Smash Bros./SSBM: Kirby--Survivalist extreme

Guilty Gear: Dizzy

Dead or Alive: On the rare occasions that I've played this series, Ayane

X-Men: Children of the Atom: Psylocke--Great character to use to confuse the opponent

Marvel Super Heroes: Wolverine or Iron Man--I'm a Wolvie mark in any of these games, and I loved Iron Man's projectile capabilities

X-Men VS. Street Fighter: Gambit and Wolverine--It's Gambit in a fighting game, for fuck's sake.

Marvel VS. Capcom: Jin and Morrigan (and preferrably Anita as the assist character)--Jin provides the power, and Morrigan the finesse.

Marvel VS. Capcom 2: Wolverine (metal claws), Jill Valentine, Morrigan (<--or Ruby Heart in Morrigan's place)--Wolverine for speed and combos, Jill for the summons that can confuse anyone, and Morrigan for the Darkness Illusion. Combine the Weapon X and Darkness Illusion with any of Jill's Hyper Combos, and you have a RIDICULOUS team hpyer combo.

Melty Blood (the original, Re-Act, or Act Cadenza): Ciel or Kohaku--Ciel's wall-jump combos are among the best in the games. Kohaku is great because she uses a sword hidden in a broom as a weapon along with Molotov cocktails

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Darkstalkers Chronicles: The Chaos Tower

I keep wanting to pick this up, because, for all the gaming that I've done, I've never played a Darkstalkers game. Is it any good compared to the console versions?

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I'm probably nowhere near "good" with any of these things. It's just what I use(d) against my friends.

God, I haven't played a Virtua Fighter game in forever. I should see if I can dig up a copy of 3tb. Really don't want to buy a PS2/3 right now.


Most any SF game: Ryu or Akuma.

Soul Calibur: Mitsurugi or Siegfried/Nightmare (since they're the same). Mitsurugi's fun because ring outs are really easy. I used to drive my rommate crazy with Mitsurugi (he was a Cervantes guy).

Mortal Kombat: Sub-Zero would be my sentimental favorite. I mean, seriously, a ninja who freezes people? That's awesome. I was pretty good with Kano too. I loved that rolling air attack he had.

KoF: Ooh, it's been awhile, but probably Iori/Yuri/Takuma if we're rolling 3 deep. If it's just 1 on 1, then probably Iori. I can get real defensive with Iori, and usually save him for last in the 3 on 3.

Last Blade: In 2 it's Setsuna mostly for his AWESOME fatalities (well, they're not technically fatalities I guess, but pretty much), in the first, it varies, I never really got good with anyone.

MvC 2: Cable/Cable/Cable if available. I'm cheap as fuck. If not. Sabretooth/Gambit/Cable. They all 3 play very differently and each one can fill a niche. Not many combinations give me matchup problems.

Smash Brothers: Ness basically because everybody was better than me, and PK Thunder is an equalizer.

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Darkstalkers Chronicles: The Chaos Tower

I keep wanting to pick this up, because, for all the gaming that I've done, I've never played a Darkstalkers game. Is it any good compared to the console versions?

DC: The Chaos Tower is the greatest portable fighting game ever. Ever. It is basically a perfect incarnation of the Darkstalkers series from the PS1, graphics, mechanics, and music alike. The Chaos Tower game mode itself is spectacular, and the normal arcade version is just like Darkstalkers 3. Which is a very good thing.

I recommend this game to anyone who loves fighting games. That means you. :D

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I recommend this game to anyone who loves fighting games. That means you. :D

Good enough for me. Thanks.

Now the big issue is actually FINDING it. I've given orders to all my co-workers to put it aside if anyone ever trades it, but thus far... nothing. Bah.

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I've never been a big fighting game guy so I'm only going to list the games I've played in more than a passing fancy.

MVC2: Shuma, Amingo, Megaman, Servbot, Tron, Venom, and Thanos were all characters I found the most fun and probably used the most. My friends would do alot of "themes" the most entertaining for us was "Team Big Russian Red Crotch." If I was going to pretend to be good I'd use Iceman-CapCom-Iron Man

SC3: I have the most fun with Raphael, Ivy, Astoroth. I'm generally better than everyone I get the chance to play against so I do alot of Charade. My best is probably Astoroth. I got pretty good at making up for his slow nature by the air throw. When the player is owning you with speed he has a quick knee that sets up the air throw, which then gives you the distance Astoroth needs to perform.

Smash Bros (64): Luigi was the most fun. always in pink. I never really figured out who I was best at in that game.

SSBMelee: I've got a huge passion for the Dr Mario games so the Doc is my favorite. Zelda and Puff are alot of fun to play too. Puff is probably my best though I often get distracted and spend too much time working towards one move (roll out, or the embarassment, or even the spin spike)

MK series: hate the games now but am sad to say loved it as a kid. Sub Zero and Johnny Cage were the most fun. Ice and Crotch Punch. I switched over to the new Zero because the ice statue was cool.

X-Men CotA: Iceman was probably my best. He is just so ridiculously good at keep away with great distance moves and great knockback attacks if they do get close. Silver and Spiral were the most fun.

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