Gunslinger Girl


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I just bought the 13-episode set because the concept seemed interesting. Before I open it, however, I'd like to know if anyone has watched it.

I have the first DVD and I watched the first two episodes, but never got around to the other two for whatever reason. What I saw was pretty good, though.

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I've read the first three volumes and have seen the first two episodes off a friend's preview dvd. I really enjoy the book. It is very low-key and mildly depressing but in a relaxing kind of way. What I saw of the show was almost exactly like the book.

If you like one part you should like the rest. The stories aren't really any different from each other in feel. I'm pretty sure 13 eps is the complete series, which is good. I would be worried if it lasted longer.

I will always recommend the first volume of the book, but I will always tell them to read the first before buying the second. You will know if you will like the rest by the time you finish the first. I imagine the anime is the same way. By the end of the first episode or two you will know if you will like the rest.

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Actually, I believe the anime only covers the first two volumes of the manga. I could be mistaken, though.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. By saying "I'm pretty sure 13 eps is the complete series" I meant that there is no episode 14 and I don't believe they intend on making more. I don't know how far the anime travels the manga, so I'm totally willing to believe you about it.

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