Ghost Stories

James D.

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Anyone else seen this? It's hilarious. (And it's inspired me to make another music video to one of my favorite Squirrel Nut Zippers songs.) These kids move to a new town and go into an abandoned schoolhouse and find all kinds of spirits wandering around. But the original Japanese script was more or less abandoned for the English dub and it has all kinds of pop culture references and crude/sarcastic humor in it. It's awesome. The DVD's are hard as hell to find, but it's well worth it if you can get one.

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I've heard a bunch about it from friends at the club and had a chance to see it at Ai-kon last year, alasIO have not seen any. I'll toss it onto my looooonnnnnnngggg Things to watch list.

Side Note: My vision of heaven is a recliner, a giant TV, an endless supply of DVD's and an infinit space minifridge

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