Reel Dread - I Wish I Were a Carpenter


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He's been called an unimaginative hack, a rip-off artist and a flash in the pan. From a film school dropout whose project won an Academy Award to a prodigal son returning to visceral horror in the new millennium, John Carpenter is one of genre film's most important directors. His work, however, can be neatly parsed into two eras: early and latter. And in this column I will be discussing the early films of this master of horror.

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I've been a Carpenter fan ever since I saw Escape From L.A., which I thought was leaps and bounds better than it's 1980 twin, New York. Good stuff.

I find that very interesting, I've never heard someone say they like LA better. Besides production value there is little to distinguish them but, unlike Evil Dead 2, it promotes itself as a sequel whereas anybody who'd seen ED2 would know it was the movie Raimi liked so much he made it twice. Personally, I think he wasted his time.

Although I find it superior to LA as the establishment of an iconic cult hero, I'm not against a remake. Well not anymore than I'm against remakes altogether.

You may not like what I have to say next week :(

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