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"Koopa, you are a cock sucker."

"This shit is fucking worse than Panic! at the Disco."

"The gods are on my side, not your side, Bowser! Fuck you, King Koopa!"

"Whoa-ho! Freebie! Got through on a technicality. De-fault!"

"I love that music, Mario. It's going to follow me to the grave... but not you! You are apparently invincible. You have infinite lives -- hey! Just for good measure we did it again, right, Mario? We kill ourselves again."

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I can't speak for DRQ, but I just do some quick searches to find most of mine. I found the Mario:Game Over clip while on myspace and decided to go searching for funny clips when I had some dead time. The only one I've really known about for a long time was the Mega Man music, which I really can't remember how I came across that.

Here's a Street Fighter one

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