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Cloverfield isn't even the working title. The working title is actually Slusho.

What will this movie's title be?

It is for now still unconfirmed, but it is now confirmed the title will be announced at the Paramount panel at San Diego Comic Con.

Internet rumor is that title was was believed to be leaked on Wednesday, July 25th by a movie poster vendor at the Frank and Son's Collectibles Show in City Of Industry, California.

The poster's price was marked for $15.00. A passerby recognized the image of the headless Statue Of Liberty and took camera photos of the poster offered for sale and uploaded them to several websites.

Paramount Pictures had originally planned a large panel discussion (official announcement) on July 26th 2007 in which they would have officially revealed the eagerly awaited film's title. However, at the panel, Paramount declined to reveal the title of the film.

It is speculated that Paramount has decided to re-name the film, "COLOSSUS" due to the unauthorized title leak by the poster vendor.

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From that same link:

Also Known As (AKA)

1-18-08 USA (promotional title)

Clover USA (fake working title)

Cloverfield USA (fake working title)

Slusho USA (fake working title)

So we're both right!

Slusho is the name they have on all their trucks and stuff while filming, but let everyone know it was fake. I don't know where the Cloverfield name came from. I actually heard someone tell me it was called Bad Robot, because that was the only title in the trailer, but that was the company making it.

I have a feeling everyone is going to be disappointed when we finally do find out more about the movie. There's no way it could live up to this kind of hype.

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Abrams made a joke on the panel saying, "Who here thinks it's called MONSTROUS?" (Cheers) "Well, it's not!" Then he unveiled the poster above, minus the name.

I'm thinking a lot of these fake names are planted by him to fuck with us.

It's nice to see they aren't scared to show burning buildings in New York post 911. Maybe this will send a message to others who are too scared to do it also.

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According to, Abrams' only involvement is as Producer.

Matt Reeves has reportedly bagged a deal to helm a horror film written by Drew Goddard.

Being produced by J.J Abrams, the film is set in New York, and will be shot using hand-held video cameras.

According to Aint it Cool News, the film is currently being called 'Cloverfield', but it is just a code and not its real title. It is believed that the movie may be titled 'Felicity gets Freaky'.

A trailer of the film was screened without its title last week.

"We open with a bunch of teens partying. Apparently one of 'em is leaving town tomorrow and everyone's kind of bittersweet about it. Then they hear a giant ruckus and head outside to see a massive explosion in the distance," Moviehole quoted Cinematical as describing the trailer.

Out on the streets people are running around all panicky-like. Then the head of the Statue of Liberty lands in the middle of the street and the date of January 18, 2008, pops up. Oh, and it's all done with handheld video cameras. Basically The Blair Witch Project meets the Godzilla remake ... which means I can't wait to see it," it added


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They added a new site for the movie. This one is for a company called the Tagruato Corp. It's filled with more clues than the others are. Tagruato is a deep sea drilling company with a shady past. It's name used to be The Hand of Power. I believe they basically tell you what the monster is if you look hard enough.

These are the sites made for the movie so far:

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All has been relatively quiet on the 1-18-08 front for the last few months since the San Diego Comic-Con, but a source for has revealed to us that the J.J. Abrams-produced monster movie will get a new trailer AND its title will finally be revealed on November 16 in front of Robert Zemeckis' animated Beowulf.

So far, we know very little about the movie beyond what we've seen in the teaser this past summer, the pictures on the official site, the director and writer (Matt Reeves and Drew Goddard) and some of its cast (Michael Stahl-David, Odet Jasmin, Mike Vogel, Lizzy Kaplan), but hopefully, more will become clear in a few weeks.

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Here is a still of what I was talking about. It's hard to make it out when it's not moving though.


Also, I came across this image supposedly of a concept drawing of the monster(s).

From what I can piece together from the viral sites it does come from the ocean.

Yea i saw that Pic before looks alot like Sin from FFX which if your going to rip a badass monster design that is one of the best.

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