Reel Dread: The Strange Case of Dr. Boll and Mr. Reddick: Going Postal


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Despite being's premiere One-Man Anti-Uwe Boll Assault Unit, I'm not gonna blast Des. I rather dug the way he explained why he likes the movie. Satire is a great thing. The thing is, Boll is just trying to do what Michael Moore and so many other hack directors have done before--paint Americans as the scum of the Earth. I don't want to waste my time being patronized by a guy who constantly makes atrocious movies and then threatens to beat up everyone who calls him out on it.

Will I see the movie? Most likely, no. My mentality, as it has been since I unfortunately went and saw Bloodrayne, is still "Do I want to PAY MONEY to see a Uwe Boll film? AGAIN?" Nein. And frankly, I don't want to waste the time and money renting it, either.

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James, in my opinion, there has been no greater movement in popular culture in the past 50 years than to paint America as the scum of the earth. South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, all wildly popular, make Americans look bad in every episode. Married With Children did nothing but that.

Even worse, Hollywood is the greatest culprit because they SHOW how stupid they are by giving hundreds of millions of dollars to people like Michael Bay who make the most unartistic, processed shit products ever made and everybody eats it with a spoon and wants more.

Is United 93 a good film? YES! It is both tense, horrifying and delightfully unpatriotic. But for every great film like that there's 2 dozen Pearl Harbors, World Trade Centers and Transformers. Hollywood's been shoveling shit for so long now I'm happy to see something like Postal be released.

Ugh...I cried in the shower writing the review and now I've got to go do it again...

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Ugh...I cried in the shower writing the review and now I've got to go do it again...

You write reviews in the shower?? That's dedication right there. :happy:

And you should cry. You praised something created by Uwe Boll. :devil:

And if you ever see me compliment anything done by Michael Bay, then you can safely assume I've lost my god damned mind.

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