Eternal Sonata

James D.

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It's a lot better than Blue Dragon. That one got really boring after awhile, and you can do everything with one button. ES makes you work a little and you can attack as many times as you want before the meter runs down. It also has different attacks depending on if you are in a shadow, or sunlight. It makes it challenging when in a forest, and you can't use your heal spell because of all the shadows.

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As I said on WFP, I *heart* this game. The graphics are beautiful and the score is just on a whole other world of awesome. I generally like the combat system, but I could do without the whole combat system changing up occasionally thing. You could have infinite "tactical time" on one party level, but then your party goes up to the next level and the entire schematics change and you only get two seconds of tactical time and then your action meter (i.e., the time you have to attack an enemy) starts running down.

Other than that, I have no complaints at all. If you love RPG's and own a 360, you have no excuse to not get this game. (Eventually, it'll be released on PS3, too.)

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I played it for about 5 hours today. At one point it all just clicked and I realized how you are supposed to be fighting, and that you don't use the special attacks all the time. After that, the game felt super easy. The story is hard to get into because it jumps around a lot, but hey, it's Japanese. That's what they do.

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