Episode 155


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Jenny and Mike share some laughs over Confessions of a Blabbermouth, a brand new graphic novel by the DC Comics imprint Minx. They then briefly wonder how they acted as college freshmen. Mike offers a sincere apology to horror podcasters. And then the duo reviews Rob Zombie's Halloween. [ 1:45:54 || 48.4 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_155.mp3

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Hey I know this is a bump in the forums, but after your review on JL: The New Frontier and seeing that you have reviewed the TMNT history. I thought I'd listen to a few others.

In Rob Zombie's Halloween there are three versions. The theatrical edition that you are reviewing in this episode, the Unrated Version which is the DVD release and the Workprint Version.

First off, I must say YES!! Someone else likes it and ISN'T comparing this to John Carpenter's Version. I hate that, this is not a remake, the last half hour is, the rest is completely new.

In the 2 other versions seperate from the Theatrical Version, the nurse who is killed with the fork, because she does taunt Michael seconds before he kills her. She's worse than Nurse Ratchet, lol.

In the "Workprint Version" Michael escapes by saving another patient from being raped by two orderlies and the Danny Trejo character doesn't die.

Also Michael's older sister Judith is played by the girl who played Young Jenny in Forrest Gump(didn't she grow up nicely).

Jenny remember in the Sleepaway Camp sequels, Angela killed plenty of counselor's with a stick(actually it was the same exact stick in both films, lol they were so low budget). So I'm sure through internal injuries he could have died, with all the jump cuts, alot of time could have passed before he stopped hitting him.

What you have to remember is that Michael doesn't kill without his mask on, in a psychiatict type way, Michael, Michael himself isn't killing these people, The Shape is. When he finally captures Laurie at the end, he takes his mask off and gives her the picture of them. When she turns on him(not knowing he's her brother), he put the mask on before going after her. So Michael isn't really the killer in my mind.

I think Michael's stepfather is tied up with ducktape without waking up is because he's pissed drunk. Drunk so much that he is unwakable(except from being killed, lol). I thought this was a great death, because the stepfather was an ass and his death was gruesome, because he couldn't do anything to stop the bleeding.

Judith's boyfriends death was a bit weird because he was actually nice to Michael, he didn't mean to screw him out of his treat or treating, but Judith I'm guessing is the one who wears the pants.

Michael is driven to kill Judith(in the end), because Judith begins to smack him around because he's wearing the mask and not answering her.

Malcolm McDowell(Metallo hello, lol), did a decent job at portraying Dr. Loomis, could have been better, what made me kind of twitch with his performance was that toward the middle when Michael escapes Dr. Loomis seems to be advertising Michael to make money. Donald Pleasance(the only thing I do compare)didn't do that.

Tyler Mane was incredible as Adult Michael, I can really say he portrayed Michael better than Ken Kirzenger did with Jason in FvJ. He's now the Kane Hodder of this new series(if they make sequels).

The actress who played Laurie did a decent job, BUT and its a big but, she is annoying. I mean I understand not playing it off like Jamie Lee Curtis and its made to be updated, but don't completely go the opposite, she's annoyed, I wanted her dead. I felt more bad for Judith's death than her being chased.

The big plothole with how Michael knows that Laurie is his baby sister is never explained and its annoying, this is the same problem with the original Halloween. In the original Halloween by John Carpenter she was just a babysitter, she wasn't his sister until part II.

Michael goes after anyone who taunts, teases or tries to stop him. Linda and Annie at one point taunt Michael when Laurie notices him following them. Remember Annie points out her father is the Sheriff and he walks away. The boyfriends were killed for being there. You have to remember Michael has the mind of a kid, so his kills are immature.

Annie lives in this movie. I think due to her popularity with Halloween fans, they decided to let her live and made up for it with other deaths. I was actually glad with this, because in Urban Legends she dies in a bad way.

The ending was incredibly drawn out and this is most likely why many fans have critisized it negatively. There is a different ending I think fits better, where we do see Michael's humanity again and he is shot down.

Halloween(1978) was before A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984). Also the rule is that the final girl in a horror film pushes sex away and drinking DURING the movie, but outside the movie its different. Remember in Scream, Wes Craven had Sidney Campbell have sex with Billy Loomis and than survives. The heroine surviving because she isn't drinking or having sex is because she isn't occupied with that stuff and is able to think clearly.

Loomis doesn't die, you can see him still breathing. In the original ending Michael does let Laurie go, but is shot down by the Sheriff and police. Thumb in the eyes is a Jason death.

Loomis was in Halloween I, II, IV, V and VI. He didn't appear in anymore because Donald Pleasance died during the making of part 6 in 1995.

Since your system on here is different from WFP, I'll give it a 3 out of 5 or 6 out of 10 for WFP rating.

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