When They Cry (When Cicadas Cry)

James D.

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If you haven't seen this anime....get off your ass. Especially if you like psychological horror films (Des, I'm looking in your direction). Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of blood to be seen, but it's mostly a "mindfuck" kind of anime where you go, "Whoa, what the hell...?" And the thing is, despite the extremely violent opening scene, the overall horror ambience really sneaks up on you.

I like it so much, I have added it to my list of animes for that rather large AMV project I'm working on.

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I've wanted to see this series based solely on how Randy has been hyping it to me, the funny thing is is when I ask to borrow it he says wait till they're all out so you can watch it correctly. Last time he hyped a show that big on me it was NANA, now it's one of my fave all-time. I'll see this soon enough whether I like it or not.

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He may have a point. The way the DVD's are set up, one story arc begins and ends and then like one or two parts of the next arc will start, but you have to wait until the next DVD comes out to finish that arc.

Ex.: DVD 1 has the entire 4-part first arc and the first part of the second arc and that's it.

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