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Are you guys ready for this?! This afternoon we have confirmed 100% that Rob Zombie has been taking meetings with Lionsgate and Nu Image to get behind the director's chair for their upcoming Conan film! In my humble opinion I think this is fantastic news as I'd love to see Zombie depart from direct horror for a bit and show us what he can do outside of the genre. The first film, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, really could use a companion piece and I think adding a darker element to the mix could be pretty awesome. We'll let you know if anything becomes signed, but your feedback could help make this happen.

My favorite comment on this:

Well rape will be easy enough, but how can Rob work hillbilly white trash into the age of Conan??? I'm guessing this won't happen once he realizes this.
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A darker element? Conan the Barbarian was fucking dark.

This Conan is not confirmed as a Rob Zombie film. His camp is notorious for jumping the gun and saying "yeah we're doing this."

If you are to believe them, then CHUD is being remade by Zombie, Werewolf Women of the SS is getting its own feature. He's getting to be like Tarantino.

His next film is titled Tyrannosaurus Rex and will be started after Haunted World of el Superbeasto is finished. Don't believe the hype!

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Empire magazine spoke to Conan and Red Sonja producer Joe Gatta, who said that Brett Ratner is not attached to direct the former anymore:

"We're currently in the process of hiring a director," he told us. "For the past six months we were discussing the movie with Brett Ratner, and for more timing issues than anything else we had to part ways with Brett. We all wanted him to do it, believe me; just the timing didn't work. But you never know what can happen."

Gatta added that they are hoping to start production on Conan on August 24 in Bulgaria, while Red Sonja would start sometime next year.

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According to Deadline Hollywood, Lionsgate and Millenium Films have picked the actor to play the lead role in Marcus Nispel's reinvention of Robert E. Howard's Conan and it's 30-year-old Jason Momoa, who may best be known for his run on "Stargate Atlantis" and who also appears in HBO's upcoming mini-series "Game of Thrones."

At the same time, Latino Review says that an offer has been put out to Mickey Rourke to play Conan's father Corin.

The movie is scheduled to start production in Bulgaria on March 15.

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Stan Lee Media, Inc., a company founded by comic book legend Stan Lee, wants a judge to rule that it is still the rightful owner of the character Conan the Barbarian. In a lawsuit filed Aug. 19 in federal court in L.A. and obtained by EW, Slmi is demanding 100 percent of the film’s proceeds. Lee claims his company’s bankruptcy in 2001 would have prevented anyone from taking the rights to the Conan character away from him. In the suit, Stan Lee Media, Inc. claims the company was betrayed by a former lawyer who made an illegal deal to transfer

They do understand that Conan existed before Stan Lee was born, right? STan Lee Media, INc. has NEVER been the rightful owner of the Conan character. The Robert E Howard estate is.

Thanks for trying, though.

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