The best sci-fi TV show ever

Which one was the best?  

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01. The show could not be based on a movie. (Made for TV movies/specials are okay.)

02. The show could not be based on a comic book.

03. The show had to be live action. (No cartoons.)

04. The show had to have some sort of a recurring cast.

05. Star Trek was left off to give other shows a fair shot.

Reasons why several good shows had to be left off:

Alien Nation -- breaks rule 01

Highlander -- breaks rule 01

Smallville -- breaks rule 02

Star Trek (all five shows) -- breaks rule 05

Stargate SG-1 -- breaks rule 01

Twilight Zone -- breaks rule 04

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Damn, I was hoping Twilight Zone would've been on here, as the only two shows I've actually watched on here were Quantum Leap and V.

As much as it pained me, I really couldn't put Twilight Zone on here because it lacked a cast to latch onto and care about from episode to episode.

Oh, and Quantum Leap owns this poll.

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Where the fluck is SeaQuest DSV??? Holy shit that thing was insanely good.


I really liked Space: Above and Beyond, but I don't think it lasted more than a season or two.

So given the options, I'll go with Sliders. X Files would be a close second. Great show that hasn't been getting it's due of late.

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