Episode 173


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Even though this isn't quite Countdown related but since you guys bought up Bill Willingham i figured i would throw in my opinion. Personally i think Fables is consistently excellent and that this is where Bill Willingham excels as a writer but i think he just dosen't quite work when it comes to the mainstream superhero stuff. His run on Robin started out pretty good in Unmasked but it kind of just went downhill from there and took Tim in directions that i don't think he should have gone in (not to mention he was one of the writers on War Games and that is unforgivable). Shadowpact falls somewhere in the middle of the two so i wound up enjoying that (I am guessing the copy i have was once Mike's copy now that i think about it lol). So yea i think Bill Willingham is a good writer but only on certain books.

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These are fantastic podcasts. Love a good, long podcast. Haven't found any that are longer yet. :laugh:

I've been enjoying Countdown. I like that I have a comic I get every week. Not that there aren't ups and downs. The Trickster and Piper storyline has been my favorite, followed by the Jimmy Olsen. The Challengers is okay. Don't care much about the Holly or Mary Marvel (now that the panty mystery has been solved). I haven't been outright pissed at an issue until #24, but that's another discussion.

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I haven't been outright pissed at an issue until #24, but that's another discussion.

A discussion we aren't having at this site until the December episode of Countdown.

Not that I'm being curt, I just prefer not to have great storylines spoiled by shit storylines. Welcome to the forums, Koete!

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