My Books Just Came IN......


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After Waiting for 2 weeks the books I ordered have come in:

Smallville: Season 5 The Official Companion by Craig Byrnes I'll start reading today, being that it is the thinnest of the two.

Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale I will start reading soon after. I looked it over and man, they can make about 3 or 4 more movies just with these stories alone, great artwork and I'm sure and even better story.

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Wow, I just got done reading The Long Halloween and man what a great novel. The artwork is dark and gritty, perfect for the kind of story it is. The story structure is handled well and the identity of the Holiday Killer is kept so hidden, it's a surprise even at the end. I loved seeing all my favorite Rogues Gallery villains play a part in the stories, with The Joker as my favorite of course. When The Dark Knight comes out, I wonder if The Holiday Killer will be featured in the film, that would be another interesting plot that could continue into the next film.

I must say that anyone who hasn't read this, needs to get it, whether they are into comics or not, you'll love it. I am ready for The Dark Knight and can't wait to see what they have incorporated from this story and what will be left for other films to take(other than villains).

4 out of 5 stars.

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You prob already know this, but you'll wanna get Dark Victory, the sequel.

Thanks, I have heard there was a sequel, but kept forgetting the name. In your opinion how is Dark Victory?

This was months ago and you probably have alread red Dark Victory but if you haven't in my opinion it was just the exact same as the long halloween, just nowhere near as good.

a lot of people said that when i got it, and to sound like im following the crowd they were right, its pretty much the same story, just nowhere near as good.

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