Trying to rember the name of a Book


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Hey guys I want to buy a book on I-tunes for a upcoming trip, but I cant rember the name and it is sad because it is one of my favorit books of all times.

Well here is the plot, lets see if any one knows what I am talking about: Ok so the book is like the boy and his dad move west into the woods and his dad goes back to the east to get his mom and sister, he meats a indian boy while he is alone in the woods, he and the indians bot makes a agremnet, Food for white biy, teaching indian grand son to read. The white boy and the indian boy become friends and eventually the tribe has to leave and the boy is all sad and stuff.

Well thats the plot in a nut shell. Any way the titel includes like beaver and creek, and on the cover the boy and the indian boy are looking in a stream. So could some one help me please?

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I so want to make fun of that title.

If your wondering its not about fecall matter, no thats not the sighn, The indian clan live near a lake with beaver dams and they are the beaver, and there teritory has a mark and the cabin matt live in is in the teritory of the beavar, so forth the sighn of the beaver.

EDIT: What part of the titel do you want to make fun of?

EDIT EDIT: Sorry im young

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