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I don't have an Itunes account because you HAVE to have a credit card, even to just write reviews of the pocast, that really sucks. I would give WFP, top rating if I could. I did also see there's a DCAU Commentary podcast, that's a cool idea, but the guy only reviews selected episodes and from what I saw, he's only done 1 B: TAS.

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hey just wanted to say after you asked for reviews i posted a five star one for you! loving the shows and just thought i'd let you know that the uk itunes(the one i use as im in scotland) has two ratings myself and someone else, we both gave you five stars, and you reviews really deserve it you are the best podcast ever and thanks to you guys i just finished buying online btas volumes three and four, which for some reason where not realised in the uk! just so i can catch up, yet i am still loving the work, great job guys!

also to answer any continuity errors in batman or superman the answer i would give is just say it's magic and that covers everything!

great podcast and sorry for the long reply!

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